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Thursday, January 03, 2008

new year, new you

how is 2008 so far? feel any different? not for me . . . yet. i took a slice out of reality today by gallivanting over to tar-jay to pick up some necessities. i was out dropping off some much-needed supplies at our arlington location and decided i needed a detour. picked up some fabulous strappy gold pumps that i've been wearing around all night. sure they don't go with the skull and crossbones socks but my toes needed coverage - it's chilly here!

after a yummy yoga 3 class tonight, i am feeling very sleepy. maybe it's the late hours as i'm having a terrible time getting myself to bed at night. there's always one more thing i want to do or one more e-mail that i need to send. i know you know the feeling!

just finished my final round of handwritten thank you notes - each stashed with a bag of tea. if you haven't done so already, don't forget to write those thank yous. i'm constantly amazed (and saddened) with how many people don't send thank yous or even acknowledge gifts anymore. i know giving isn't about receiving thanks but it sure makes the process that much more fun! i recently read that the greatest feeling among humans is to feel appreciated. such an important reminder of the two glamorous words "thank you" or "merci beaucoup" if you're feeling fancy or French!

studies show that we're more apt to accomplish goals if we write them down and share them. i asked the tranquil space team to participate in this endeavor by posting theirs in our tiny team lounge. i wanted to share a few of mine with you:

- date night once per week with beau (and maybe pug)
- classes at the studio three times per week (rather than only home practice)
- carve out friday creativity time (not happening tomorrow due to over-scheduling but next week will be different . . . promise!)
- massage once per month
- launch spring TranquiliT line in february/early march
- smooth transition to new space on 17th street mid-spring
- successful completion of 16-week course at naropa
- finish level 2 and 3 of shambhala training
- daily meditation/reflective practice
- grow tranquil space foundation through additional programs
- sell tranquilology book proposal (went to first publisher this week)

now, i must head to bed so that i have energy to conquer some of these via baby action steps tomorrow. zzzzzzzzz.

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Anonymous said...

late hours, oh i get it! then again, these days i'm sleeping at all hours with wisdom teeth pain and painkiller drowsiness... but au revoir teeth on monday!

i've really got to get in to writing thank-you notes. my family never really did that, though we're big-as-ever on giftees, so maybe i'll start a new tradition?

i also must say that i love love love louis' adorable expressions! such a face... :)

The Paris Apartment said...

LOVE those shoes even with the socks! adds personality!! ok maybe only when your with your pug...but seriously, your new book cover is divine!