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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!

i hope your year is off to a great start! i'm typing from the bath tub (yes, really!) with some emergenC nearby and hot water complete with a glitter-filled LUSH bath bomb.

today i led a 3-hour workshop focused on setting intentions for the new year and incorporated yin yoga, pranayama, meditation, flow, and reflection. i tried to offer a holistic approach to getting the new year started on the right foot. i was blessed with an amazing group plus two very talented assistants and the hours flew by.

tomorrow many of us return to "reality" - full inboxes, projects put on hold for the holidays, our everyday routines. i, too, am feeling the pressures as the downshift of urgent matters was a welcomed surprise. now, back to the grind. however, the grind is what we make of it. i hope that you are able to find some creative play and inspiration among the grind. can you get up 30 minutes earlier to do yoga, make a yummy protein shake for breakfast, sip tea, use colored paper clips, wear a new color, sign up for dance classes, write with pink pens, add a jeweled pin to your winter coat, wear a new fragrance, tell your boss or colleague that you appreciate them, read a classic, or go to an art exhibit? play with adding some spice to your grind and a return to your routine may be a bit more enticing.

best wishes to a happy, healthy, and holistic start to 2008!

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

Sounds like a blissful evening - relaxing at home. Was all fired up for the new year and return to work when hubbie got sickness bug and we both got little sleep! Wondering if I can start my new year again at the week-end?! Love your ideas for adding a bit of fun to a mundane work day - off to invest in some coloured paperclips - those silver ones are too boring for me!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Kimberly! Thank you for this wonderful podcast. With a toolbox full of hip and tranquil resources (including HTC and savvy sources from your podcast), I achieved goals I never thought possible in 2OO7.

Sending so much gratitude your way!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful class yesterday! I'm well on my way to make my wheel of life more of acircle already.

Anonymous said...

happy new year kimberly!
i received your cd and book from my bf for christmas...and after two+ years off the yoga mat, i took out my mat, popped in your cd and boy did it feel good to be back!
so thank you...