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Monday, January 28, 2008

in boulder!

what a darling little town. so zen-like. as i walked into the bed and breakfast at 11pm, i immediately felt calmer. a buddha statue greeted me, the sleeper sofa was pulled out for me (BFF has the other bed), and the logs were set out ready to be lit in our fireplace. this little oasis is charming AND just happens to be across the street from naropa. i had no idea so that was an extra treat. i spent my first hour here unpacking, sorting clothing by tops, pants, skirts, and accessories for easy access on these early mornings (class starts at 8:30am!), hanging coats, sharpening my scented pencils, setting out my toiletries, spraying the pillows with linen spray, and setting out tomorrow's outfit. i feel like a kid starting school!

i spent the almost 4-hour flight going through 6-8 magazines and tearing out articles so i could shed them. always feels liberating to exchange them for the 30 or so sheets of paper that i actually keep. feel lighter. however, now i need to read for class tomorrow since i procrastinated. the reading isn't as sexy - no glossy paper, images, or colors. however, i love the topic so i'd better dive in after a quick yoga practice. my body gets so achy from travel!

i also started reading the controversial skinny bitch and was laughing aloud. i've heard a lot about the book so decided t
o pick it up and so far, so good. totally agree with their take on the coffee and soda (only on p. 20). my parents always had to have coffee to get going in the morning so i've never had an intentional sip (unless the barista hears soy "coffee" latte rather than soy "chai" latte which has happened more than i'd like to admit). they rave about green tea instead so i gave myself a pat on the back. however, sugar is sure to be exposed and that is when i'll crawl under the covers while reading! now THAT is an addiction - god bless gummy bears! i also loving seeing a vegan book getting so much attention.

wishing you a fabulous start to your week - gummy bears, coffee, soda, green tea, and all!

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Gina said...

I read Skinny Bitch, and I enjoyed it in spite of the harshness of tone at time. However, I did not enjoy How to Eat Like a Hip Chick. They attacked sugar (absolutely), dismissed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (really?) and touted frozen yogurt as an all-you-can-eat snack (what about the sugar and faux ingredients, ladies). I don't want to drown in the science of food, but particular book was a bit too shallow (and redundant) for me.

Anonymous said...

re: your weekly column... I can't find the "writing things down" article from last week on the examiner's site, did that article ever go up online?

Miss Maryel said...

I found this on Etsy and thought you might enjoy it.

Marlton, NJ

Anonymous said...

Good luck this week and I can't wait to hear what you learn!
I have to say, sometimes, I live vicariouly through you! I can't wait to listen to this weeks podcast and I love, love, love the youtube videos - thanks so much!
I am interested in reading Skinny Bitch and was wondering if you would consider a podcast by you or someone you trust to tell us how to gradually move into a vegetarian lifestyle with some great resources. Most of us are curious, I think, how it will affect us; mind, body and spirit. However, we do not have the time or financial resources to jump into it 100% - I would love to know what a breakfast, lunch and dinner could be - what are my options? How in the world do you cook tofu? What is soft and firm and what is tempeh?
Ok, that's it - thanks for listening!

Anonymous said...

I also read Skinny Bitch. I thought it was a "shock and awe" approach. I am all for being conscious however, the authors tend to be quite blunt (probably on purpose). I found a few chapters a little disturbing (again, I think that was the point). Overall, an interesting read and a good catalyst to re-evaluate your own food eating and buying habits.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the Examiner piece from last week on writing things down is not up, but we've posted it here. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You are fabulous! I also "live vicariously through you" I can't wait to get home from work look at your blog and listen to a podcast.
Thanks for taking the time to do all of this. It makes me motivated but i always wonder how in the world you fit everything in!
Thanks.. and love the youtube addition.

Anonymous said...

i just bought skinny bitch at the airport today and got halfway through on my flight home... wow! lots of good stuff, even for us already-veggies! i have to say that i admire the writers for taking such a strong tone and doing it to the fullest. a risk proved worthwhile!