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Saturday, December 08, 2007

god bless miami

i left dc today while it was sleeting and was warmly greeted by a balmy miami shortly thereafter. the day has been a total treat thanks to spending time with my dear friend, her cute son, and multiple cats - i believe there are 9! miami is overrun with stray cats and she has a very soft spot for them - even the one-eyed black one. the youngest one - 12 weeks - is sitting next to my while i type.

tonight's excursion at the standard spa and hotel was yummy. i taught hip hips to a delightful group of podcast listeners, locals, and an old friend. then we hit the complimentary steam showers complete with peppermint steam, the cold shower, and a heated slab to rest on afterwards. true bliss. then we went through a drive through for french fries. what's a girl to do when she feels so detoxified?

tomorrow we have spa treatments - facial and massage for moi. can't wait! long overdue. more fun to come as what's not to love about 70-80 degree weather in december! happy, happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so wonderful! Please post some pictures of the adorable cats!