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Saturday, December 08, 2007

creative fun

the lovely ms. anne (our ayurveda podcast queen) is hosting a yoga + knitting workshop THIS friday, december 14 at tranquil space. please join me for some knitting fun. i've GOT to finish the scarf i started in january 2006.

i'll be leading my annual new year's 4-week creativity circle starting sunday, january 27. if you're contemplating infusing your world with more creativity in 2008 and you live near dc, please join me.

if you're trying to find something fun and creative to do on your sunday afternoon, why not make some holiday gifts or cards? yes, really make them. bake cookies. create your own holiday card and gift tags. try some fun DIY projects. make some bath sachets. craft your own room spray. personalize a plain journal for your special someone to record all their dreams. bead a necklace or pair of earrings.

creativity is always at our fingertips. indulge. innovate. inspire.

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L. Kuah said...

just wanted to share a fun project that one can make during the holidays with beads and headpins: cell phone keychains! i was at bedazzled in dupont circle today (aka. HEAVEN!) only to "look" and came out with an assortment of beads for this project. they even have pendants with figures in yoga poses (ie. downward facing dog, tree, seated meditation) and the OM symbol! what a great way to infuse your own personal style in a holiday gift to your friends and famly... :)

Happy Holidays and Namaste!