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Monday, October 08, 2007

hip tranquil chick podcast #103: dear htc 3

Welcome to the 103rd edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a guide to life on and off the yoga mat.

Today’s menu features a must-have pose in On the Mat, more “dear HTC” questions answered in Off the Mat, and we’ve got Omwork and Savvy Sources for you too. View our shownotes at

On the Mat: Lunge (featured in the latest Examiner)

Off the Mat: Today’s podcast features more answers to “Dear HTC” e-mails:

1. I've been in a three year relationship, that has been equal parts the best years of my life, and some very difficult ones. Both of us are growing individuals and find it that our baggage and fears keep getting in the way. I know the age-old adage that "relationships are hard work" but how do you know when you've worked hard enough and it's just not meant to be? Since no relationship is perfect, how do you decide what is "good enough"? And when things get tough, how long do you stick with it to try to resolve your problems?

2. I too am creative but my path, like yours started, but is still currently in, the corporate business world. I work on so many fun projects, met many great people, and grown in my professional maturity as well as worked on my sensitivity. After 5 years, I have been, and more so now, feeling suffocated. The corporate environment is not me. It can be very demanding and never always the finished product that you want. I have also started to realize that “packaging…” even though fun to design…. Is adding to the part of a larger environmental problem.. Which in turn.. Doesn’t fit with my core values…. Your story, from being a paralegal, to changing your career, inspiring others, remaining positive, being strong, being spiritual…It all hits so close to home for me. I was actually relieved to hear that at one time your were in a corporate work place so that I could feel like a better path is attainable… I don’t have to be stuck in the corporate world….But I am having a hard time figuring out what is it exactly that I should do. The scary thing is that I don’t want to go back to school for a new profession… but I don’t feel at the level to take on anything full time like you did with Tranquil Space. I am currently in that “moonlighting” stage, where I am at the verge of burning myself out because I am trying to juggle my passions with my current job. Ironically, even though I think I cant take the corporate world.. I still really like telling and impressing people with where I work… but on the inside.. Something is missing…

1. How did you deal with telling everyone you know.. That you were changing careers?

2. Did you worry what others were going to say, what they would think of you?

3. How do you really know which passion to move forward with when you have so many passions?

3. I am working hard to develop myself as a HTC. I try and go running first thing in the morning to get my head in the right place for the day - go to work feeling fairly calm and collected - then my work colleagues come in who are stressed, frazzled and frantic. I really find that this rubs off on me! However hard I try and remain in my own little calm and collected bubble by the end of 10 mins I also feel frantic and panicked!!! I think the way people react to chaos is infectious.

4. I'm an aspiring hip tranquil chick, have read your book, listen to your podcasts and read your blog regularly. I, like you, love to read non-fiction self development books (I noticed a pile in the picture of your laptop cover!) My question is, when you read about these inspiring ideas, how do you put it all together? Or even some of it together? I feel an initial boost of inspiration, then I start feeling overwhelmed and scattered. And then I feel stuck.

Omwork: To encourage a sense of diving deeper into today’s podcast, I will post Omwork relating to this segment on our HTC forum. Please connect with fellow HTCs there and play with the following:

1. Explore your current relationships. What is working? What isn’t? Create a relationship wish list. (p. 93 HTC)
2. Create a vision statement for your life right now. (p. 64 HTC)
3. Are you passionate about your work? If not, take action. (p. 112 HTC)

Savvy Sources: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Community Corner: “I just listened to the 100th episode of HTC (how fantastic that the podcast has come so far by the way!) and I decided I had to tell you how much I loved it!

I laughed out loud hearing you talk about your childhood hiking and soccer outfits, and in fact I once when I was nine I went to a soccer team photo shoot decked in pink lipstick, sparkly butterfly hair clips and pink nail polish with a big flowered hairband around my wrist. The photographer actually laughed when she saw me!

I too have always felt different, especially as a teenager. I'm a total self help junkie, a solid introvert (in fact, my Myers Briggs in INFJ as well!!) incredibly ambitious, addicted to my journal, fascinated by spirituality and all things tranquil and fabulous, and constantly seeking ways to improve and analyze myself. As close as I am with some of my friends, I still felt alone, and I'll admit it, I felt weird! None of my friends read books about Buddhism and aromatherapy in their spare time! I felt alone until I discovered your podcast and blog. I never knew there were women out there who thought and felt the same way I do. So once again I want to say thank you for reaching out and sharing yourself with the world. You've had such an impact on my life. Not only have you reassured me that I am not alone (or weird) but you have given me countless resources and inspiration! You are my biggest inspiration. I look forward more than I can describe to finishing school and being able to follow your example and start creating my ideal hip tranquil chick lifestyle and opening my own business (or businesses!) and writing many, many books along the way.”

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Signature Style: tranquilista gems

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To close out the show, we’re playing podsafe music from Promonet. Today’s selection is Ageless Beauty by Stars. You can learn more this week's featured artist, including how to get more of their music at and

Thanks for joining me for the 103rd edition of the HTC podcast. Namaste.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for responding to my question! I am so grateful and delighted to hear your thoughts. I am going to go out and grab that book, too.
Warm, warm wishes, and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

a free resource is at

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly and fellow HTCs!

I wanted to comment on the first question about relationships...

I recently ended a 3-yr relationship. Nothing was terribly wrong, but it just wasn't working somehow. I couldn't pinpoint what wasn't there (I still can't), but I knew something was missing. The biggest clue was that I didn't feel like I could be myself around him. I felt like I was playing a part in a play.

It was so hard for me to end the relationship. I didn't want to be single again! Would I survive? Would I ever meet Mr. Right?

A very wise girlfriend told me that some of the best things in her life happened after she took a leap of faith, jumped into (or out of) a situation before she knew what would happen next. So, following her advice, I took a leap of faith.

For the next several months, I fell in love with myself. I loved being single! Of course, as soon as I made the conscious choice to *never* settle for less than true happiness (and truly looking forward to a long life as a single girl), I met Mr. Right. Go figure!

So... My advice to you would be do some tough, tough thinking about whether you are truly happy and can be yourself with this guy. If not, take a leap of faith. It may be the toughest thing you ever do, but it'll be worth it (and you'll love yourself more!) in the end.

But no matter what... DON'T SETTLE! :)

Love, Amy

ps- If you've never seen "The Secret", watch it. It'll change your life!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous/Amy! Fellow HTC, thanks for your great comment. I would love to chat with you more, if you're interested. I am the girl with the three year relationship, which has ended too. :( Maybe we can exchange email addresses? Sounds like we may have a lot in common. You can reach me at neb2402-at-gmail-dot-com. :)