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Sunday, October 14, 2007

greetings from the loft bed

my weekend has contained pockets of unscheduled time due to 1) not having to drive to baltimore friday afternoon to pick up my race packet, 2) not running the half-marathon on saturday, 3) feeling a bit too much like feel-like-something-is-coming-on last night to attend a going away par-tay, and 4) cancellation of the jivamukti workshop at tranquil space bethesda today. although it is a bummer about my toe (healing nicely by the way) and that we didn't have enough jiva divas in bethesda, i'm delighted to have this space. today is non-scheduled (sure there are a TON of to-dos but no gotta-be-heres) until evening dinner plans with two very special couples in annapolis.

so, i'm up in my loft bed with louis who is diligently chewing away on a yummy rawhide bone and i'm reading the late bloomer's revolution by amy cohen (tomorrow's podcast interviewee AND a raging success story who is blessed with the lovely sarah jessica parker playing her in an upcoming movie based on the book!). love memoirs. since i'm not a fiction girl, these books provide me the fun of fiction with my loyalty to non-fiction.

last night, while the rest of the world was celebrating saturday and my neighbor was throwing a feisty party, i sat on my hot pink meditation cushion - coming to terms that i may have been the only one choosing to spend her saturday night in such a way while the sounds of techno blared around me and the scent of incense swirled. i giggled. then louis jumped up to nip my nose and i lost my flow. back to the chaise lounge to read and journal. i was in heaven.

back to reading and being. moments like this make up for my tendency to overschedule. last night i was loving it so much that i tried to find additional time through 2007 to squeeze in some scheduled unscheduled time. saturday nights are a treat for this - especially with a fire going, puppy nearby, chill in the air, cozy lap blanket, candles and incense in abundance, and comfy clothing.

finally, attached is an image of my planner pad taken on my kitty hair-covered meditation cushion. i don't have a color-coding system per se, i just like to use different colors to make my to-dos, meetings, and appointments more fun. i will also bring in highlighters to add more color and to help things pop out. i use the top left hand columns for my various business to-dos, the right hand columns are notes for my meetings. i'm a planner pad addict! happy sunday!

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GrittyPretty said...

i've been listening to your podcast and reading your blog for a while now and have always wondered what your planner looks like! WOW. That's a lot of filled in space. it looks like an art project, aesthetically pleasing.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Wow - your planner pad looks busy (but inspiring!). Off to order one (they mail to the UK - yey!). Thanks for answering my question on the podcast - new techniques to try - much appreciated!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Did I dream that you said that you are now on facebook?! Just had a look and I can not find you - is it possible to put on some more instructions!? Sorry! (could be me having a dippy day!).