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Sunday, October 28, 2007

feelin' guilty

yesterday i read for hours, napped (despite waking up late), headed downtown to watch a documentary at the lovely e street theatre, hit H&M and barnes and noble beforehand, purchased 2 new books (JUST what i need), watched kurt cobain about a son (didn't know much about him so interesting and well done film), then returned to the bookstore to capture the remaining 30 minutes that they kept the lights on, walked 30+ minutes home in the lovely chilly air while hitting mcdonalds (more fries and hot fudge sundae cravings), safeway (for some firewood), and CVS (to restock on multivitamins, mascara, and earplugs). when i got home, i finalized and submitted my piece for the examiner, then got online to check out a few books that i'd perused at the bookstore but didn't purchase. yikes, next thing i know, 30 minutes has passed and i'm the proud owner of 4 more books. beau joked that he's going to have to get some sort of parental control or something over my access to uh oh.

anyway, this guilt is arising out of taking down time, reading, being, and feeling totally low energy. i blame the changing weather and my desire (like much of nature) to begin a hibernation process - clearly mine is done through more books and sleeping. my to-do list is growing so i guess i'll be returning to "normal" tonight after dinner with pals. but until then, my passion for being and reading and resting is top priority. anyone else feeling totally low energy? how are you handling the "screech to a halt" shift from the bustle of spring and summer? must run, have new books to read AND there is some silly pug event this afternoon that i gotta get louis all dolled up for. photos to come, for sure!

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

I am also feeling the call of hibernation. Here in the U.K. winter really is upon us... just trying to take it easy, some early nights where possible and some eating hearty comfort food (intery pasta dishes for example). Hope you feel rested (hate resting but knowing that the to do list is growing - I can relate to that!!!).

Ayşegül Taştaban Erzincanoğlu/ Behçet said...

Hi Kimberly,
I am writing you from İstanbul. I also spent the entire day with my books and also listened couple of your ex-podcasts as I am trying to do some catch up. Dont feel guilty on such a day, I think we all need some time to recharge and there is no better way than curling up with books and laptop. Love reading and listening you and hope to visit your studio someday to do some yoga.

GrittyPretty said...

I think you're right! It's hibernation time! and WOW is it hard to fight! I totally find myself slowing down and not only that the salads just aren't cutting it any more. I crave stews and "heavier foods". I usually skip meals but there's something about October that needs me to thicken up a bit. If only i had room in my cheeks to store away a medley of nuts. heehee!

Anonymous said...

i've been napping and snuggling all weekend, just now finally getting to writing i need to do and laundry that's threatening to take over the house. this shift to colder weather seems like a great excuse to me to do all these "guilty pleasures" i have a hard time letting myself have.

oh, and the parental control to amazon? my boyfriend would agree with beau that one needs to exist as well!

Sneaux said...

Too funny... you tell us to take care of ourselves, but you run tirelessly! It's good to slow down for a day here and there - It sounds like it was an absolutely lovely autumn day. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly ... you get more done on the average day than most of us accomplish in a month. No need to feel guilty about a little much-needed downtime, girl!

Anonymous said...

Recharging your batteries, that is what is about! Sounds like you had a heavenly weekend and it was much needed and deserved! Don't feel guilty, just give in to it and your natural cycle of 'to do's' and lists and getting things done will come back in no time!
I spent this weekend with family and it was great - eating, talking, walking and shopping - wonderful! Now, am looking forward to devoting time to organzation, prioritizing, getting some things done and yoga!
Take care and have a good week!
Namaste ~

The Depressed Yogi said...

Don't feel guilty!!! Your day sounded absolutely divine. Besides, I spent most of today in bed as well. :-)

kimberly wilson said...

yay, so happy to hear that i'm normal and you, too, are tired! loving the chill in the air, the smell of burning wood in the fireplace, and the joys of wearing cozy socks plus tall boots. let's relish in the slower pace of fall . . . even if it means we're curled up in bed for a significant portion of it. sounds divine!