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Friday, August 24, 2007

half-marathon here i come

running a 10-miler in 2003 and in 2004 were very proud moments for me. i began running again this year - although quite sporadically. if my running buddy can't make it or the wind isn't blowing the right way, i decide i'll take a month off. not great for "training." however, i've been talking about the baltimore half-marathon in october for months and took the plunge tonight by registering. guess i gotta start running . . . no matter what direction the wind is blowing, eh? "preparing" with a weekly 1-hour run isn't quite enough. any HTC runners out there with tips considering the jaunt is in less that 2 months?

tonight i got to see my BFF perform at a belly dance show. the guest star was rachel brice - total goddess! tomorrow i have a jewelry workshop, pick up goodies for the costa rica girls, and a teacher yoga practice. sunday is filled with a TranquiliT photoshoot, aromatherapy workshop at tranquil space (come . . . the teacher is AMAZING and has been featured on two podcasts - yamilee!), and dinner with yamilee. lovely creative-full weekend ahead. hope yours is equally rewarding.

off to bed so i can get up early and run before the days activities! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Miss Olivia said...

That is such exciting news about the half marathon, Kimberly! I am so proud of you! I hope you have a good buddy to train with. Make sure to get in some nice long runs. Give yourself plenty of recovery time, you don't want to overtrain. Most importantly, make sure to have fun! I ran a half in May, the whole experience of training for it and racing on the day was one of the best things I have ever done.

Anonymous said...

congratulations with the training!! I'm running a half next weekend in Virginia Beach and then my first full at the end of October in D.C.! Very exciting! . . . I love running and yoga... and everyone in tennessee thinks i'm crazy! haha peace~

GreenStyleMom said...

Fun to hear that you are training for a half marathon. I just recently took up running for the first time. I'm slowly working up... a 5K in Sept, 8 miler on Thanksgiving day, and I'd like to do a half marathon by the end of next summer. I think running is a nice compliment to yoga.

I'm enjoying your book and your podcasts. Already have your next Denver visit in my calendar!

Anonymous said...

Contratulations! I'm also training for a half marathon in October. One website that I've found really useful is you can enter your pace and race date and it will generate a personalized training plan for you. Good luck and have a great "yogation" in Costa Rica :)