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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

over the moon

here are some photos from our central park excursion with louis before driving home yesterday, along with bonnard's healing belly sans 2 rubber bands, and my new loft bed (which has me over the moon). we stopped at ikea and i came across this fabulous loft bed. my tiny condo has become even more cozy since beau began calling the pink palace his home over a year ago. adding this loft bed to the bedroom gave me a whole new room. i've set up shop below and now have my own office space that is no longer the kitchen table. i feel renewed!

making small changes (granted this was a bigger one) can have such a profound effect on us energetically. move some things around on your end table, mantle, or bookshelves and observe what i mean. maybe it will put you "over the moon!"

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The Depressed Yogi said...

You look beautiful!! Ooh and what color is that on your bedroom walls? I love it. Goes very well avec le pink!

Anonymous said...

The loft bed is so bohemian/charming! It was such a pleasure to meet you both while you were in New York (I almost said the city, but there are lots of them). You are definitely the cutest couple in America. Also, many congrats on the 501c3 status! So inspiring within to watch talented likeminds chasing their creative dreams. Great community! XO, LC

-Lauren Cerand

Heather Larson said...

Bonnard looks just like my Alcatraz! Traz tends to eat curly ribbon and fake houseplants. :)