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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hip tranquil chick podcast #90: dear HTC

Bonjour! Welcome to the 90th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a guide to life on and off the yoga mat.

Today’s menu features a must-have pose in On the Mat, a dear HTC exchange with "Lulu," and we’ve got Omwork and Savvy Sources for you too. View our shownotes at

On the Mat: Side plank

Off the Mat: Today’s podcast is a dear HTC recorded mini mentoring session plus the answer to this dear hip tranquil chick question:
I really wanted to know how it is one can clear their mind and build a forgiving and solid relationship with ourselves. I recently read your blog (5/1) and you commented on guilt and regret and how at the time we were making the best decision we could. Lately I have dredged up an awful experience from my memory that was not based on a good decision. Just completely destructive and far from thinking clearly. I am really trying to find a way to make peace with myself about this. Even though years (!!) have passed and I have learned from the experience, I am punishing myself by holding onto this. You are right, it is very toxic and it just makes me feel bad. Do you have any hip and tranquil advice for forgiving ourselves and letting go?
Omwork: To encourage a sense of diving deeper into today’s podcast, I will post Omwork relating to this segment on our HTC forum. Please connect with fellow HTCs there and play with the following:

1. What question is weighing on me at this moment?
2. What steps can I take to move beyond my current situation and to answer this question?

Savvy Sources:

Hip Tranquil Chick


A Woman’s Worth

Haute Stuff Shoppe
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Signature Style: DIY (do it yourself!)– make your own necklace, earrings, hot glue a flower to a hat, add a broach to your yoga mat bag, decorate your yoga mat

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Have a burning question that you’d like hip and tranquil feedback on? E-mail me at to have it featured and answered in our dear hip tranquil chick segment found on the blog.

I’ll be doing a follow-up dear HTC segment where I’ll take your questions and answer via a mini-mentoring session on the podcast. If you have a question that you think others will relate to, please e-mail me to be featured or call 206-984-0717 and leave your question or any comments/requests you may have.

To close out the show, we’re playing podsafe music by new and independent artists from the Podsafe Music Network. Today’s selection is Firefly by Karmacoda. You can learn more about this week's featured artist, including how to get more of their music at

Thanks for joining me for the 90th edition of the HTC podcast. Namaste.
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April said...

The Podcast award nominations are happening.

I nominated you for health and fitness and people's choice...and since you seem humble enough not to ask others to do this for you, I'll ask others to nominate you, and their other favorite podcasts for the other areas they have mentioned.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly --

I nominated you also! :)

A new listener, who is thankful for HTC each and every day.

Miss Olivia said...

Hi Kimberly! This was a great podcast! Thanks Lulu, for being brave and asking those questions. My studies are in exactly the same state as yours are right now, and it was refreshing to know that I am not the only. I am hitting the books with renewed vigour today thanks to you!

Iann said...


I would like to leave a comment for Lulu. I have also had similar experiences in life and the struggle of the mind and the body not being what you want it to be.

Here are 2 things I have learned.

#1 What are you saying to yourself? Would you say that to your best friend? Be nice to yourself. Do nice things and say nice things to yourself. Know that you are learning and progressing.

#2 This brings me to realizing that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing this moment. Also you are doing the best you know how. Even if you make a mistake, you did what you thought was the best at the time. Granted maybe you didn't listen to the little voice but that may be the lesson in that situation. Don't beat yourself up, grow from the experience. Alow yourself to feel the negative feelings (they are normal and serve a function) but also stand outside them and let them pass.

Thanks Kimberley for the great podcast and the opportunity to get these conversations going. It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling these feelings.

Thanks so much,

Iann the girl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool podcast, but I was really dissappointed that you didn't answer lulu's question about weight loss and fitness and how it relates to a yoga practice...