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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a pictorial journey

here are a few photos to share my days at home so far. doga, par-tay for gina, louis' new "love bites" red tee (that he despises). i couldn't capture yesterday's paper-all-over-the-floor extravaganza while i tried to reorganize as it wouldn't make for a very fun photo op. i also didn't capture our exciting tranquil space foundation board and steering committee last night via photo. alas, the day was lovely and productive.

today i returned to my satellite office across from the studio (starbucks) for 5 hours of meetings and then took and taught a tranquil space class for the first time in a month. felt good to be back sharing some of my new-found inspiration.

just cut e-mail down from 140 to 78 so i'm feeling good. now, off to read. i don't want to return to nasty habits of all-night e-mailing. must set personal boundaries - me vs. me! best wishes for a fabulous hump day! xo

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Anonymous said...

Poor pug does look unhappy in his red shirt :)