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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

chicago bound

this morning i say my farewell to my jeep (waaahhh) and then hop on a plane for the midwest yoga conference at noon. this is my third year to show TranquiliT at this conference and i always enjoy it as it's a smaller, grassroots show, in a lovely setting with many lovely peeps in attendance. and, my fave rusty wells will be there! i feel like a stalker . . . but i just LOVE his yoga!

had a toxic interaction with someone on monday night and felt the remnants of it all of yesterday. ugh. i'm not used to these exchanges as i tend to operate on a more tranquil state and haven't had an interaction like this in years. it wasn't until my practice yesterday that i felt as if the "fog" of the exchange had been removed. yuck.

i'm terribly excited to share that i'll be hiring an executive assistant to help with various projects associated with tranquil space, TranquiliT, hip tranquil ventures, and the tranquil space foundation. i'm sure she'll make an appearance on the blog soon (she's a TOTAL doll!) in some way or another. it will be nice to have a helper in the mix on various projects associated with making all the above ventures stronger and more expansive.

i also have a call tonight with my new editor at my new publisher, new world library. inner ocean publishing recently sold to them. i'm excited to meet my new contact (although my first editor was so fab!) and share a concept for my second book. woo-hoo! also, i have to get edits to them for the second printing soooooo if you saw any typos - please let me know. yuck, hate typos.

had a lovely sushi (avocado/cucumber rolls- my favorite) dinner last night with a dear friend. always good to get in some girl time. helps ground me.

wishing you a beautiful hump day filled with non-toxic interactions, chats with good friends, creative next steps, and letting go of what no longer serves you. namaste.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly,

So sorry about the Tox incident . . . why do we seem to complicate those painful incidents by dwelling on them . . . My husband has the beautiful gift of just breathing through it . . . so - here's postive energy to you . . . enjoy the conference! It's hot out here in the midwest !!

Alexis, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,

I will be attending the Midwest Yoga Conference on Saturday and I'm wondering if you will still be there. I'll look for you if you are...I would love to meet you!

Marian, Illinois

kimberly wilson said...

marian, yes, i'm here through sunday! i'm showing the TranquiliT line so come see me in the shoppe area. look forward to meeting you! xo