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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

2nd printing . . . here we come!

i survived the past 2 days and appreciate your well wishes. many of us have lost steam and are in big need for tomorrow. whew - a full day off! the fevery, achy, shaky thing has continued and i still can't put my finger on the problem. may simply be exhaustion. either way, i'm still in great spirits although not able to absorb things as well as i would without this "distraction." ahhh, they are all lessons, though sometimes i don't have the patience for such lessons. clearly something to work on.

there are a group of monks here this week so we've been having silent meals. i love eating my meals in silence and sometimes add in a dash of reading or e-mailing. small chat - although i know it has its place - depletes me energetically so it's been nice to be given the permission - requirement actually - to not chat. during our training, it's been referred to as "prana" (our life force) and we've been reminded to be mindful about how/where we spend it.

we've been doing a lot of pranayama and chakra work the past two days. i think the 2-hour chakra cleansing class coupled with the exhuastion and regular backbend practice may have been what sent me over the edge. also, my new BFF here had a hard morning which also affected me. i was sad to see him sad. it's funny how connected and attached we can become to each other in an environment like this.

ironically, the meditation has gotten harder for me. not sure why that is as it should be getting easier. it's 1 hour a day total (30 min at 8am and 30 min at 8pm) so it's not severe but for some reason i'm struggling more than i did when i first got here. i hope to continue this pattern of at least starting the day with 30 minutes of meditation when i return home. even though i struggle with it - i know it is good for me! especially considering my personality (would always rather be doing, doing, doing).

bought another must-read today. ok, haven't read it yet but think it will be a must read! it's called conscious business by fred kofman. ok, and i bought one more i'd been thinking about called yogini: the power of women in yoga by janice gates. ahhh, darn that bookstore here.

must dash so i get get dolled up for satsang (and shed this all-black look). i hope you've been enjoying the pre-recorded podcasts and i'm excited to unveil a new layout when i return. finally, GREAT NEWS! heard from my publisher that we'll be doing a second printing of hip tranquil chick very soon. stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

A second printing already! Congratulations, Kimberly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly - greetings from Patricia (Creativity Circle class)! Thanks for sharing your experiences at this intense retreat. The news of the second printing should give you an energy boost. Way to go!

Just want to share that I recently purchased your new plum colored short bamboo dress (Tres Tunic) and I adore it! I can't walk five feet without people complimenting me on it. Seriously. More fab fashions please!

And, the aromatherapy class was heavenly.

Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Tip for meditating from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: Just smile in your whole body until your liver is smiling.