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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it's raining, it's pouring

it's dreary outside but spirits are still bright. i have amazing news - i bought a chocolate vegan brownie that is to die for and DIDN'T FINISH THE WHOLE THING. ok, maybe this seems like a small feat to you, but i've never been known to not finish anything sugary. i feel like this is my first breakthrough! maybe next i'll conquer that darn neti pot.

while purchasing my vegan chocolate brownie during a 15-minute break at 4 i snuck online, downloaded 100 new messages, and my pulse went up. why can't i just wait until dinner break? why do i feel pulled to connecting to the outside world? i'm sure my replies and knowing what is happening in dc, et. al. can wait until they let us out to eat dinner. ahhhhh. anyone else's pulse rise when they think about what is in their in box? it's such an odd phenomenon. maybe all this meditation will help.

today we learned a new sutra: Ishwara pranidhanad va which translates to "by giving your life and identity to God, you attain the identity of God." still trying to grasp this one fully - it's about surrender and acknowledging that if your actions are enhancing the lives of others, then you are acting within the divine will.

yesterday's was very good and is a well-known sutra: Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah which translates to "when you stop identifying with your thoughts, fluctuations of the mind, then there is yoga. identify with self which is samadhi, happiness, bliss, ecstacy." those darn thoughts. it's not the e-mails that are the problem. it's the anxious thoughts surrounding the e-mails, what's being missed, what's not being handled, etc.

gotta dash so i can down some greens and don some white! hope these sutras give you something to chew on. would love to hear any thoughts/insights you have on them whether they're new to you or not. let's grow together, girls. isn't that what all this (life) is about?

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Anonymous said...

I love reading about your month long education/self growth/nurturing. I have never been to an intensive yoga training and am soaking up all the knowledge you are throwing our way! Keep it coming! It sounds divine, but I wonder if I could do it. A long weeknend of camping and hiking and I am thrilled to use my pretty bath soaks, soft scented lotions and glittery makeup! Going within is wonderful and intoxicating but being a 'girly girl' is great too!
I would love to read more from you about yoga and what it means, traditions and how to incorporate into every day. You are a superb teacher and inspiration!
Namaste! :)

The Depressed Yogi said...

I love it too!! I am secretly glad that you keep sneaking online because i get a little thrill everytime i see a new blog post. I'm glad you enjoyed your vegan brownie and i wish you the best of luck with your meditations, headstands, etc. Namaste :-)

Mindy said...

amen to that. i would have a hard time being disconnected from my virtual network as well. working on that one too. this retreat sounds amazing! good luck with the other nostril :)
xo, mindy

p.s. i sent you a little something in the mail that will welcome you home!

Anonymous said...

After a year of struggling to get the whole neti pot thing to work for me-- blockage, burning sensation, all kinds of yuckiness-- an ayuvedic consultant suggested I adjust my salt-to-water ratio so it's exactly 1/4 teaspoon salt to 8 oz. of water. It made all the difference in the world! Maybe you need to tweak your ratio.