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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

day two

alright, i'm a bit more stabilized after yesterday's culture shock. i guess that is to be expected but i hadn't really prepared myself for needing to acclimate (kinda like climbing mt. everest - ok, i emphasize KINDA). i woke up well rested, had my cup of green tea, and have been in much better spirits today. knowing what i'm in for helps.

our morning practice involves 75 breaths in shoulderstand (not my fave pose) and 50 in headstand (not easy). in addtion, we learned about kriyas today and i was given my first neti pot. i feel like a neti pot drop out. i tried 5 times and the water wouldn't come through my other nostril - felt like i was drowning. apparently i'm blocked. gotta work on that one. also, we got a skin brush and tongue scraper. all sorts of new toys. learned anatomy all afternoon and 3 hours of chanting, meditation, and lecture tonight. so all-encompassing.

apparently my nag champa incense set off the fire alarm last night. oops . . . maybe burning that plus 2 cotton scented and star gazer lily scented candles was too much! gotta beg the beau to bring real star gazer lillies when he comes up on saturday for my day off. god forbid i go without scents due to an overly sensitive fire alarm!

dashing off for dinner and to throw on a soy cardi shawl. apparently that's what people wear to satsang. i arrived in all-black last night. oops.

check out a fun online interview here. au revoir.

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Anonymous said...

No offence, but it seems like you didn't really do your research. I have not done the teacher training program, but looked into it briefly and knew the daily schedule and that white is customary at the satsang gatherings. Please don't get me wrong, I am a big fan, and wish you all the best, but I am a little surprised to know that someone as savvy as you did not do more research before plunking down $6,000+. Alas, I guess you are not perfect, just an awesome hip tranquil chick. Best.

Miss Olivia said...

Hi Kimberly, glad you are adjusting ok. Neti pots look scary.

Thank you so much for continuing to post through this month. Your schedule sounds like it will tax the body, mind and soul.

The image I get in my head when I read these posts reminds me of writing home to family and friends by torchlight after lights out at school camp.

It's really heart-warming. Thanks for sharing.

Sneaux said...

Keep at it with the Neti Pot. Breathe deep in your throat with your mouth open - it'll happen! It's a wonderful tool!

Good luck - and have a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

I never knew about white and satsang either! It's not mentioned in Wikipedia or the Satsang Association website, so I don't think the custom is easily discovered through research. No offense, anonymous!

kimberly wilson said...

oh darling, i promise i did my research. i am all for personal responsibility which i appreciate you encouraging. this is my 11th yoga teacher training and i've never been exposed to the white togs in satsang. i even brought in 2000 with a satsang at kripalu and don't recall a dress code. hmmmmm. maybe i've just been sheltered in my all-black clothing world.

with regard to this intense schedule, i thought we went until 10pm (as promoted on all the materials) which would have allowed 9 hours to shower/sleep/handle e-mails/read/catch up/etc., but we go until 11pm, have additional meetings with mentors during our meal breaks, and homework to complete. sometimes one just isn't fully prepared for such an immersion no matter how much pre-intensive information one has. you gotta experience the culture shock and adjust (white togs and all). hope this helps clarify the scheduling and white dressing drama.

and that darn neti pot - i'm determined. think my little nose just didn't know what hit it. i hope to be a neti pot proponent soon. thanks for all your support! xo

Anonymous said...
Its in the "What you will need to bring" section on the Jivamukti Teacher Training website.

kimberly wilson said...

thank you, anonymous, for your diligent research. there were a few versions of that document as my first one (from when i registered late 2006) says we would be starting at 9am, rather than 8am so i'm sure there were additional changes. however, i probably overlooked whatever you are pointing out from the onset as i also forgot my anatomy coloring book (duly noted in what to bring . . . ahhhhh). my point with sharing my experience at this exciting and intensive training is to shed light on what it's like to step out of my comfort zone, regular practice, dc life, etc. in my own voice. thank you for honoring that. namaste.