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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hip tranquil chick chariTea soiree in CA

back from puerto rico and watching the snow fall outside. whew, what shifts in temperature. brrrrr. in meetings and class from 10am to 10pm so i'm pooped. but, before i hit the bathtub filled with a karma bath bomb and dash off to bed, i wanted to share some fabulous news on a soiree that was hosted yesterday in southern california. thank you, kenya et al, for sharing the hip tranquil chick fun.

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Anonymous said...

What are your favorite lush bath bombs?

Anonymous said...

I've tried about 5 and my faves out of them were sex bomb (you get a little flower floating round when it's all fizzed out and the water turns pink and smells mmmm).

Romance in a stone is cool cos you get a little wet poem at the end (be careful not to rip it!) but the slightly annoying thing is cleaning up all the tiny petals after you've emptied the bath.


kimberly wilson said...

i love them ALL! truly, i've never gone wrong. hot java (discontinued - waahhh), sex bomb, all that jasmine, avobath, and think pink (of course!) are my faves!