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Thursday, January 25, 2007

sniffle. sniffle.

greetings from my cozy boudoir where i'm curled up with louis, my laptop, cell phone, and planner pad. snow is falling outside and i'm paying for not resting. beau tried to make me stay in this morning but i'd signed up for a 6-week journal writing class at the writer's center and i'm missing 2 due to travels so i was determined to make today. then hit whole foods where i stocked up on cold tea (any excuse to buy more tea), dropped off a gorgeous heather plant at the studio, and home to rest.

read a fun article about hip tranquil chick in yesterday's dupont current. if you have a chance to pick up the free local gem, please do so. it's interesting to hear people's impression of your work.

if you signed up for monday's teleclass, you should have received a confirm today. if not, let me know!

also, i wanted to share one gem from my journal class this morning before i force myself to get offline and sleep. the teacher showed us some of his 60+ volumes of journals. he drew in them, attached photos, took notes, etc. i was amazed as my journals have just been used for spewing thoughts since i was 8. his take on journal writing offered a new, creative spin on capturing life. i used to create scrapbooks - eons ago when printing photos was the norm. now i have them all saved on my computer and rarely ever print them. however, this is a great opportunity to resume capturing life to actually put the goods (ticket stubs, love notes, etc ) inside my journal. genius! we also talked a bit about the popularity of memoirs. have you thought about writing yours?

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