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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

doing things differently theme reemerges

as i sit typing away while at a nearby cafe, i can't help but be reminded of my focus earlier this year on shaking things up. since i've returned from spain, my routine has not quite returned to normal and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. bookstore browsing each night on the way home from the studio or french class, getting online at a new cafe, eating tons of miso soup, planning for thursday's fete, and listening to lots of french tunes. as i was reading the express this morning, there was an article on how to thrive 9 to 5 and it reminded me of how important it is to do things differently in order to offer ourselves a new landscape. i hope that you can take a moment today or tomorrow to try something new, incorporate a new song into your mix, use a pink pen, try a variation on your favorite yoga pose, or just sit still when you're used to running.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of french tunes. I work in DC and the owner of my salon is a French Morrocan. All they play is french music. It could get funny at times. Like the other day we were giggling as a french version of the good ol' classic "Feelings". As in Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Feeel-ings....But anyway, there is one I really love. It is a compilation by Putumayo World music. "Paris" It is addicting.

Anonymous said...

Good tips on the french tunes. My tip for the day is that I have found an interesting site for french language and culture called french-word-a-day. So far I have seen a nice mix of basic and advanced and I really like their pronunciation guides. Great photos too! -- Lorian

Anonymous said...

I agree! try walking sumwhere where u usually take the bus or other forms of transport. I did! I walked home from work. It took an hour n a half but it opened my eyes to my surroundings! :)