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Monday, November 13, 2006

hip tranquil chick podcast #57: planting seeds with lynne franks

HTC: November 13, 2006 Shownotes

Bonjour! Welcome to the 57th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a guide to life on and off the yoga mat. Produced from the raspberry and leopard-print embellished flat in Washington, DC.

Amazon pre-orders have shipped and I have word that the book is on the shelf in NYC! Here are some ways to help share the tranquility:
  • Purchasing additional copies of the book. Hip Tranquil Chick makes a great stocking stuffer or special gift for fave girlfriends.
  • Coming to the Book Launch Fete in DC on Thursday, November, 16.
  • Hosting a Hip Tranquil Chick Signature ChariTea Soiree. Details here. If you're local, I'd love to join!
  • Writing an review on Amazon.
  • Sharing your thoughts on My Space.
  • Reviewing the book on your blog.
  • Subscribing to the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast via iTunes.
  • Celebrating the concepts of the book during a weekend escaping the city at our Hip Tranquil Chick retreat.
  • Connecting with your local library to ensure they have a copy of the book in their collection.
  • Calling your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, or indie bookstore to make sure they carry the book.
  • Donating copies of the book to a local charity or community organization.
Join me THIS Wednesday, November 15 at Woodhull's Dinner Series in NYC's Union Square.

Lynne Franks is an author, entrepreneur and lifestyle guru with a communication reach that stretches across the world. As a high-profile business woman and founder of the SEED empowerment programmes for women, she is either featured in or writes for many of the UK’s top publications, as well as regularly appearing in international media, television and radio, speaking on the subjects of social change, consumer patterns, corporate responsibility and women in business.

After leaving school at sixteen, she started her working life as a secretary, before joining Petticoat, the UK’s first weekly young women’s magazine. She started her own public relations firm, Lynne Franks PR, from her kitchen table at the age of twenty-one, which grew to become one of the best-known public relations agencies in the world, advising and guiding multi-national businesses and non-profit organisations around the globe.

After twenty years in public relations and wanting to branch out into new directions, Lynne left her agency in 1992 and became an international spokesperson and facilitator on the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s world – both for the individual as well as the society at large.

In 1994, she chaired the UK’s first women’s radio station, presenting her own radio show, Frankly Speaking. Prior to attending the UN Women’s Conference in Beijing in 1995, Lynne created the major UK event, What Women Want, to draw attention to the changing position of women in society.

She has authored four books, including The SEED Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business, published in 2000. Translated into a number of languages, the book struck a resonant chord with women around the world. Seeing the demand for women to create businesses in a new, feminine way, Lynne designed workshops and training programmes that bring her new ideas and methods to life. SEED has become the provider of one of the most internationally recognised women's enterprise training programmes, as well as a global network for women entrepreneurs.

Pose of the Podcast: Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythm Dancing

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You’re invited to our book launch fete on Thursday, November 16 in DC at the new swanky boutique Hotel Palomar. The event is also an unveiling of the Tranquil Space Foundation whose signature program assists girls in finding their inner voice through yoga, creativity, and leadership. RSVP here.

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The Free Design: The Now Sound RedesignedTo close out the show, we’re playing podsafe music---by new and independent artists from PromoNet. Today’s selection is An Elegy by Kid Koala & Dynomite D (download here - mp3). You can learn more this week's featured artists, including how to get more of their music at and

Thanks for celebrating the 57th edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast with me! Namaste.

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    Anonymous said...

    Do you know which bookstores in DC will be carrying the book?

    kimberly wilson said...

    i know barnes and noble and borders will be carrying the book. i hope indies such as olsson's and krammers will to! stay tuned . . .

    Anonymous said...

    It's funny how I just finished reading that chapter in Lynne's book about the 5 Rhythm Dancing! So cool!
    And Kimberly, I got my book the other day and it is fantastic! Just the look of it is so inviting! Thank you! Good luck with your book launc- I wish I could be there!