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Friday, October 06, 2006

little miss sunshine

oh my goodness, have you seen this fabulous movie? beau and i saw it last night during date night and i can't stop giggling. the movie is so darn cute!

on another note, do you ever have those days when you're spinning your wheels the WHOLE day and feel like there is nothing to show for it? the past few days have felt like this due to all-day meetings that were very process oriented. now i have to digest it all and get it on paper. that's my best way to work. with my focus on the studio, teaching, developing the foundation, designing new pieces for TranquiliT, carving out time for louis and beau, and putting energy into hip tranquil chick, i'm feeling the need to crawl into bed with a good book and stay there for awhile. yet, isn't that what happens to us all this time of the year? it's the perfect time to hibernate, regroup, reassess, and slow down. the frenetic energy of summer has passed and it is now time to turn our attention toward priorities, energy conservation, and overall well-being. i hope that you, too, can find a little hibernation time, along with some time to reflect on your seasonal intentions.

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