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Monday, October 02, 2006

francophile flair

soooo, classes began tonight with verb conjugation (lord have mercy, you don't want to hear my poor pronunciation beyond what you're exposed to on the podcast!). whew! thank goodness i'm getting help. considering my only other language exposure has been four years of spanish, i find myself saying "si" and "y" constantly. gotta expand my french repertoire beyond my poor excuse for spanish.

i have to say that i feel rejuvenated by being back in a classroom. there's nothing like learning something new. i tell ya, it's good stuff! this whole french thing is fun. oui. oh, and my teacher is from africa and claims that 22 of the 52 african countries are french speaking! au revoir, mademoiselles.

fun french links:
french style
more french style
and more french style!

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sophie said...

loved the links thankyou so much:)

Anonymous said...

Donc c'est parti! Bon courage avec le fran├žais. Pronunciation will come in time so just jump in and have fun. -- Lorian in Toulouse