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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hip tranquil chicks coming to dc?

i was honored to be asked to share my fave dc hot spots for the washington, dc fall visitor's guide. in addition, we did a photo shoot in the heart of dupont circle during late afternoon one lovely day mid-summer. it's not easy looking back and then twirling forward trying to pretend to look 1) natural, 2) that you haven't done this 100 times, 3) like you don't mind random people watching wondering why you're in the middle of the circle with a camera and umbrella light.

if you're coming to dc, be sure to check out and request a visitor's guide as it is jam packed with all sorts of great scoop on dc! (and the latest one gives a shout out to hip tranquil chicks--what's not to love?)

here's to continued authentic twirling in front of cameras or not . . .

fab photos by randy santos

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Heather said...

How wonderful! Looks great and I bet it was fun.