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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

achey breaky feet

my monday began at 4:10 am and ended this morning at 2:30am. whew, what a day! headed to new york with our tranquiliT boutique manager, joanna (aka jlo), and my tranquiliT partner to hit 3 tradeshows. turns out there was a 4th so we got to view tons of fabulous lines from ella moss to rachel pally to hard tail to tart. who would think that shopping for 9 hours straight could be so exhausting?

when i stepped my feet out of bed this morning, they were still upset with me, especially considering i broke out the kitten heels for my new york extravaganza. the exciting thing about the journey is that we uncovered some new socially conscious lines for the boutique. one is called synergy and works with seamstresses in nepal to produce their line. we got some great wrap pieces from her. another one is a company i've worked with for a couple of years, lakhay, who has AMAZING prices, produces beautiful pieces, and also imports from tibet. we picked up some lovely knitted arm warmers in black and camel that are lined with super soft material. of course, i got more kurtas from india for the boutique as they are the perfect yoga cover up and look great with jeans, too. we also found beautiful beaded rings and bracelets.

we got to sample some tea by tracy stern who has a tea party book coming out next april. i can't wait to read it! i have a secret dream of adding a tea house to the whole tranquility theme some day, so i loved meeting her and hearing of her great passion for tea. i love her tagline: enjoy life. drink tea. celebrate often!

overall the day was a creative success as i returned buzzing about future designs, luxurious fabrics, and the joy of sharing the day with two other women equally excited about such things. now off to nurture my achey breaky feet.

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