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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hip AND tranquil beauty regime

julia's podcast got me thinking about how our bodies really are our temples AND the maintenance that goes into them. gotta love being a girl! below is a list of my fave key components to keep looking and feeling fabulous:

yoga - daily
oodles of water - TONS daily
oodles of lip gloss - TONS daily
aveeno lip therapy - nightly
oil of olay moisturizers (day and night) - morning with sunscreen and night
cover girl black eyeliner - daily
loreal lash out waterproof mascara - daily
white musk perfume oil by the body shop - daily
smile - absolute must!
brow wax - every 4-6 weeks
french pedi - every 3-4 weeks
facial - quarterly
hair cut/color - quarterly
massage - quarterly (more often ideally)
reflexology - quarterly (more often ideally)
acupuncture - quarterly (more often ideally)

did i miss anything crucial that fellow hip tranquil chicks swear by?

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Anonymous said...

I love your list!! I would add:
Therapy! My weekly 50 minute dive into the depths of my being with a fabulously compassionate and talented psychotherapist keeps me in touch with my needs and desires, gives me a place to sort out anything and everything that's on my mind and the chance to engage with someone who knows me in a deep and detailed way and who can respond with expertise and knowledge- like an interactive "journal". For me, Therapy is the ultimate self-care.

Asset gatherer said...

Do you have a recommendation for a massage therapist? I haven't really found anyone in DC to go to more than once. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

as a followup to asset i am looking for your recommendation for the acupuncture and reflexology! i would apprecaite your suggestions!

Anonymous said...

The most important things I do to look and feel good are: (1) volunteer - gets me out of my head and focused on what's real, and (2) Laugh...ALL THE TIME! One other note: I like the Neutrogena daily moisturizer w/ SPF better than the Oil of Olay one - I think it's lighter.

Asset gatherer said...

I've used Neutrogena SPF lotion for over a year, and just recently switched to Aveeno from a friend's recommendation. It's even better!

kimberly wilson said...

Girls, I totally forgot to note a multi-vitamin! Daily must-do! Also, add your annual doctor visits that include bloodwork to be sure all is well. I found out that I have especially high iron (odd for women as we tend to be low), and my multi-vitamin with iron was contributing to the problem. Switched to one without iron (not easy to find in women's vitamins) and my iron levels are lower. If I hadn't caught it, the high doses of iron in the body would cause organ failure in the long term. So, the moral of this story is take your vitamins and get your bloodwork! ;)

Regarding acupuncture, I LOVE Kate Yonkers. She's an absolute gem and her phone # is 202.783.9404. For massage and reflexology, I usually just hit a spa or salon locally or when traveling. I haven't found a favorite here but when I do, I promise to pass it along. For facials, I go to Serenity Day Spa in Tenleytown and have had great experiences. Their # is 202.362.2560. Besos, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

The only thing I would change is to use more natural products. That way you can avoid some nasty chemicals, support some really cool independent companies, and get all the great aromatherapy benefits.

Anonymous said...

I personally find bubble baths to be an extremly important part of my regime. I took one just a little bit ago and let me tell you, I'm definitly tranquil.