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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

you know, like let is snow! ok, i thought it was clever, but it IS late.

tuesday's 6:30 class is filled with such amazing energy. it's still early in the week, people are upbeat, and since the church days (we were in a church for 2.5 years before moving to our current location) this class has been my favorite to teach. here's portions of tonight's sequence in case you'd like to try it at home:

shavasana (what's not to love about starting here)
spinal rolls up to standing forward fold
warm-up sun salutes with variations
surya A 5X
utkatasana twist, back to revolved side angle, up to high lunge, vinyasa, other side
warrior 1, warrior 2, rev warrior, extended side angle, warrior 2, half moon, vinyasa, other side
dancer pose both sides
utkatasana with breath of fire, standing forward fold, utkatasana, navasana
janu sirsasana both sides, seated forward fold
plow, balance with hands on knees and straight arms, shoulderstand for 10 breaths
wheel 3X
spinal roll to child's
pigeon on both sides
shavasana (a VERY well-deserved shavasana!)

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