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Monday, July 03, 2006

i heart new york!

what a beautiful, whirlwind weekend here in the big apple. i've always loved this city. even as a little girl in oklahoma, i used to write on my desk "i love the big apple" and dream of being a ballet dancer here -- even though i really had NO idea where nyc was in relation to oklahoma. it just sounded so much more exciting!

friday night we hit the streets in search of an easy meal and landed upon a darling tapas place that served the most amazing fried mozzeralla in little balls. soooo tasty. then i said to beau, "you know what would top all this off . . . a bookstore!" so, we hit 2. headed to union square to hit the famous strand bookstore. i was in search of betty friedan's a feminine mystique. no luck but i came away with three new fabulous must-have finds including a woman's guide to finding her inner french girl and elizabeth I ceo. i was truly giddy. it's funny how easily entertained i am in new york city. i'm sad to say i know very little about elizabeth I but am fascinated by female leadership (my course of study for my MA) so i look forward to reading more about her.

saturday we had brunch with some friends who were also in town. then shopping at century 21. wow, what a mecca! i'd never heard of this place. we also had a chance to view ground zero (right next door) which i hadn't seen since thanksgiving 2001, right after the horrible event took place. ahhh, truly heartbreaking. and then off to see swan lake at the MET. i LOVED acts 2 and 4. all white customes, tons of tu-tus, and beautiful sets. truly dreamy. we were waaayyyy up high but i was on the edge of my seat with glee the whole time.

sunday consisted of an AMAZING class at jivamukti and the chance to catch up with my former assistant from a few years ago. sweet kat! then saw madonna at madison square garden last night and WOW what a performance. the attention to detail, the weaving in of statistics on AIDS in africa, the political photos, the dancing, the lights, the energy. truly impressive. she, of course, played her song from the new album about new york being an amazing city -- i totally agree!

i'm still processing the weekend as we head back to dc in a matter of minutes. such a treat to see old friends, watch amazingly artistic performances, take great yoga, have 24-hour everything at your fingertips, and be pulled out of my routine for a few days!

here's to a phenomenal celebration of freedom and independence, coupled with a reflection on who we are and where we're going. best wishes for a delightful 4th! podcast coming tonight or tomorrow. xo

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Anonymous said...

I read Elizabeth I CEO a few months ago and recommend it to all: great book, extraordinary woman.

Kimberly: Love your Podcasts!

Greetings from Miami, FL
Carolina Bracho