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Thursday, July 06, 2006

dear hip tranquil chick . . .

Q: How do you stay hip and tranquil when right dab in the middle of important life changes? Right now I am barely coping with planning my November wedding and hunting for our own little tranquil place that we can call home. I could really use some of your tips on that and how I am to survive (with my sanity) the next 5 months.

A: Oh darling, I'm sending you lots of good vibes. First things first. The key is to compartmentalize. Determine what your BIG steps are right now for wedding planning, (hire florist, finalize program, set music, send invitations), and house hunting (determine must-haves for new home, find new bedroom set). Once you get all that data out of your head and onto paper, you're off to a fabulous start. Chat with a girlfriend whose been through a recent wedding or move. Get insights from the "trenches." Ask for referrals. Create to-dos, daily action steps, and review your main objective daily. How about "To remain tranquil through these exciting life transitions?"

Carve blocks of time into your agenda for your top time-consuming and important tasks. For example, Saturday 12-5 wedding planning, Sunday 1-4 house hunting, Wednesday 6pm yoga class (destress/me time), Friday 6pm pedicure.

These life changes are EXCITING. Make sure you're taking the time to relish in the moment. Get clear on what you want (white or pink flowers, 2 bedroom or 1). Take time for you (or you'll lose all sense of tranquility). And don't forget to breathe!

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Anonymous said...

As someone who went through this recently, I would also say "perspective". What will you remember next year or 10 years down the road? Concentrate on those things, let go of the little details that will make you crazy. We chose to let go of things like table decorations and putting our friends in matching outfits and concentrate on fun music and yummy cocktails.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and me have just bought our first house too, we are just waiting for a moving in date now (eek! but so exciting!)

I have to journal to keep me sane. I have this little black leather book in a drawer and whenever I feel like everything is getting a bit too much all at once I have to sit on my own and write and write and write out everything in my head and then I feel calm again :)