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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

random return to dc musings

i'm delighted to welcome yet another black creature with a french name to the family, noir the goldfish. see attached photo with bonnard the fat cat welcoming him!

my journey home was easy and it felt divine to sleep in my own bed again last night. what a whirlwind the past week has been. i'm having trouble figuring out what day it is.

last night was date night and we went to go see al gore's new movie an inconvenient truth. amazingly informative and such a wake-up call. here are some ideas on ways we can make a difference at home and on the go. having just written the social consciousness chapter, many of these suggestions rang a bell but some are new and insightful. wow, would love to hear if you all have additional suggestions. in what ways are you working to stop global warming?

today i was cell phone free for a few hours while my sprint treo was getting repaired. i tell you, i felt so out of sorts. i rely on it for phone numbers, e-mail checks when away from my computer, text messaging, and, of course, phone calls! my screen went black and i was in total disarray! my few hours of suffering (3.75 to be exact) were torture. i tried to remind myself to practice detachment. who would have thought a phone could be labeled as an addiction or attachment? well, i realized today what a huge role it played. i don't even know my beau or best friend's phone number! i look it up every time and hit "dial." i ran a few errands and kept reaching for my not-to-be found phone or hearing someone else's ring and feeling my pulse rise. then i'd savor the inaccessability for a few minutes and return to agitation. i use driving time or walking time to handle calls that may be hard to squeeze into my schedule. ah, what to do?

when i returned to the sprint store, the manager said they had replaced the screen and that it was good to go, i wanted to leap over the counter and hug him. i restrained and instead showed him photos of louis the pug. he was like, "that's great ma'am . . . next!"

today i learned how powerful the habit of cell phone connection is for me. i also learned how easily i am thrown off course when i don't have my gadgets. and gleefully, i learned that it is kinda nice to not be accessible 24/7. maybe that is the lesson here after all.

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