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Thursday, June 08, 2006

hip tranquil chick chat

Happy Thursday! I've just received the sweetest e-mail that I wanted to pass along. Thank YOU, dear readers and listeners, for continuing to inspire me daily through your e-mails and feedback. Cheers to living fully, mindfully, and with flair. You rock!

"You continue to inspire me everyday. I love the fact that you live a yogic life while also immersing yourself in the hip world. I always believed you had to go 'all the way' (ie, living the life of a Buddhist monk) in order to be a "true" yogi. You've helped me to realize that this doesn't have to be an 'all or nothing' choice. You can practice yoga and still look hip and wonderful doing it.

I've started to look at life the same way. I can be an attorney and still dabble in yoga or knitting (two of my passions I'd love to turn into a career someday!). Or I can be an environmentalist and still wear a cute pair of kitten heels, not Birkenstocks. ;)

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work!"

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Anonymous said...

You deserve a hundred zillion thanks, Kimberly! I can't wait until November for your book to come out! :)

Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo enjoying my branded "Kimberly Wilson" hiking socks!

Rock on!!!!!!!