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Sunday, June 04, 2006

midwest musings #3

what a delightfully long, but glorious day. met more wonderful people and reconnected with some old pals. a former teacher trainee from tranquil space moved to chicago two years ago and teaches at the studio where i'll be leading a workshop sunday night. such a small world and always feels good to see how paths come together in obscure ways.

i began the day with a three-hour workshop with david life of jivamukti yoga. his message and beautiful practice reminded me of my initial draw to this style. although i struggle with the dogma, i'm amazingly impressed with the level of knowledge he and sharon (co-founder of the style) possess. it is truly remarkable.

the workshop was hip, hot, and holy. the title intrigued me. he talked about tapas and how we have to turn up the heat, find our edge, and embrace intensity to truly live. this reminded me of my post a couple weeks ago on finding your edge. such a profound concept. his focus throughout was on being in the present moment. SO hard to do. my mind is constantly planning what is next and focusing on what i need to do. yours? he noted that we even do this in yoga class--anticipating warrior 2 will come after warrior 1 or that updog will come after chaturanga. why can't we just enjoy where we are right at that moment? he ended with a comment about savasana (corpse pose/final relaxation) saying that we do corpse so that we can practice letting go of the body and play with being IN the body but not being the body. practice being the observor.

the day culminated with great sushi and a night cap topped off with a tasty cigar shared by new friends from the conference.

tomorrow i will begin breaking the little mini-boutique down, shipping stuff home, and leading a hip opening workshop and trunk show at a studio in chicago before heading back to dc (my beau & little louis) on monday. whew, what a whirlwind of a few days!

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