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Friday, June 02, 2006

midwest musings #2

ah, my nightly update on the yoga experiece at the midwest yoga conference. today began again at 7am (ahhhhh!) and i skipped off at 8:30 to take paul grilley's yin yoga class. the perfect jump-start for a stiff body craving a serious yoga fix. at 8:30 in the morning my body doesn't move much, so yin was a great start and my connective tissue feels nice and open! he says that with yin we should try to really feel our bones and connective tissue, instead of muscles like in yang practice (the more typical yoga we practice). very interesting to try to connect to these subtle parts of the body.

it has been a treat to see many yogini shoppers that i met at this conference last year and to observe the great response to the eco-friendly and chic bamboo fabric we're now using for the TranquiliT collection. one fellow studio owner from ohio stopped by the booth before catching her plane home to show me how fabulous she looked in her new ensemble. it was a great reminder of the true joys associated with designing a line that truly helps bring some tranquility and ease into our busy lives.

the evening culminated with an impressive performance by RASA. i had the priviledge of meeting the musicians of RASA, hans and kim, today when they stopped by my booth. such amazing energy and a great story of connection--they met seven years ago living on two different coasts.

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