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Monday, June 26, 2006

happy hip and tranquil (almost) birthday: 33 lessons learned

to culminate my birthday on friday, i decided to note my fave lessons learned during my 33 years. enjoy the non-exhaustive list in no particular order, and please share some of yours with us, too!

1. trust your gut.
2. you get more bees with honey.
3. ask lots of questions.
4. prepare for worse case scenario, hope for best case scenario.
5. reflect daily.
6. stay away from people who drain you.
7. surround yourself with inspiring people.
8. stay true to who you are.
9. practice, practice, practice.
10. know when to let go.
11. honor your efforts.
12. support other people's events that mean a lot to them.
13. always send thank you notes.
14. express gratitude often.
15. smile more.
16. be proud of your bargains.
17. set boundaries.
18. push your edges.
19. be strategic.
20. when something is bothering you, dissect why.
21. make people feel special.
22. speak from the "i".
23. avoid gossip like the plague.
24. see all viewpoints.
25. write things down.
26. remember birthdays.
27. be good to the environment.
28. keep your surroundings soulful and soothing.
29. keep things organized.
30. read loads of books.
31. research how to make your dreams come true.
32. indulge in life's luxuries--baths, candles, good bedding, flowers.
33. let yoga infuse your life.

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Anonymous said...

hi Kimberley what a great list:) I have two more to add:
*be present (I tend to worry about the past and the future alot, so I need to just appreciate the now and embrace it)
*celebrate women (as a student of European relations with North Africa and the Middle East I appreciate more and more the freedom I have as a woman to think and grow)
lots of love Richella

Regina said...

Well, Happy Birthday early, Kimberly! I loved your list and would agree with Richella's additions as well. Just to add one of my own... don't forget to breathe... sounds simplistic but so often I find myself not breathing and tightening up in a stressful situation. Breathing is good...

Amanda said...

I love this list. Some additions:

-Laugh often.

-Work when there is work to be done, rest whenever needed, play whenever possible (on a magnet I own).

-Say "yes"

-Follow the 4 Agreements

-Write morning pages, take artists dates (read The Artist's Way if this doesn't make sense to you)

-Don't take things for granted - each day could be your last

-Never miss a chance to pet a puppy

-Eat chocolate

-Get enough sleep

Heather Larson said...

Never trade what you really want for what you want right now.