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Friday, June 23, 2006

dear hip tranquil chick . . .

Q: Since I’m a dancer it is hard for me to sit on a desk and do paper work (I have to do a lot of this), my back muscles start to contract totally (those ones right and left to your vertebra, just above the butt, which are kind of “in” your body, so you can’t massage them or loosen them up properly). I’ve tried to stretch them out, but it seems that I can’t reach them, even if I lie on my back and put my feet over my head so that my knees are just next to my ears (I hope this makes any sense to you). Do you have another stretch suggestion, maybe there is something in yoga that can help (I haven’t found anything yet).

A: Ah ha, my dear one. This is a funny visual! I think I know which muscles you're talking about as they begin to ache when I stand too long. I'm not so great with anatomy, but I can sure share what has worked for me to open the area around the sacrum.

- Twists, twists, and more twists help me to wring this area out. Some twist tips are noted here.
- Massage. A HUGE help for this achy area.
- Regular movement. While writing the book I noticed that I would get very engrossed in the process and may not move for hours. This takes a big toll on the body so be sure to get up regularly to stretch!
- Side bends.
- Cat & cow tilts also help and can be done discretely on an airplane (seated, of course), at your desk, or at your annual board meeting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, those twist tips really made my day!