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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

delirium musing

my sincerest apologizes for the podcast delay. i edited for 16 hours STRAIGHT yesterday, fell into bed at 2am, and then up this morning to do final edits before e-mailing it off to start a 15-hour day. it's ironic that i put so many meetings on hold until after the book deadline, and now they are piled up with little blank space in sight. well, never fear, the tranquility will emerge after a good night's sleep and some hard core yoga. my poor body is aching after hovering over this iBook for soooo long!

i'm always amazed how life takes so many turns filled with fluctuating emotion. excitement, exhaustion, frustration, anticipation, glee, anger. all these pieces are so crucial to who we are and what makes us tick. i'm working on becoming less reactionary and trying to ride out emotions rather than act on them. you know that feeling when you receive a not-so-pleasant e-mail? rather than responding in an equally unpleasant manner, why not sit on it, ponder, breathe and give it space? proactive, not reactive. trying to find win/wins. they're out there!

similar to tonight. home and off a call at 11pm, ate some fat free pudding for dinner (i know, i know!), took my e-mail box down 40 e-mails, and my body is begging for bed. i call this a state of delirium, but i also enjoy the feeling of completion that corresponds with exhaustion. the bulk of the book is done. sure i get to do a couple more editing phases, but for now, it sits with a copy editer, and i have some space to reconnect with projects i've had to postpone due to the impending deadline.

the world truly is our oyster. come on girls, let's show it what we've got! (after a good night's sleep)

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