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Friday, March 10, 2006

tranquiliT is in today's daily candy!

sooooooo, i'm very excited to share that tranquiliT is in today's washington, dc daily candy! remember the tranquiliT tube i was raving about a few weeks ago (that i've worn every day for weeks)? well, see the editorial below or go to for all the scoop! xoxo

March 10, 2006 Send to a friend

Cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but you can’t make a fence out of it. Wool is warm, but don’t try feeding it to a panda. And acrylic’s machine washable, but you still can’t stir-fry it.

Which brings us to our point (and, yes, we do have one): Bamboo is the best thing ever.

Wear your admiration for the miracle material on your sleeve with the new line of bamboo clothing from tranquiliT. Each piece is 95 percent bamboo, a fabric that’s super-soft but doesn’t pill, and is machine washable and totally breathable.

Plus they look really good, too. Try the cap-sleeve tie top or the sleeveless tunic. And best of all is the tube dress, which can be worn as a strapless frock, long skirt, or short skirt.

And since bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural fibers, you’re being extra ecofriendly when you wear it.

Which is more than you can say about that rayon sandwich you’re eating.

Available online at

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