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Saturday, March 11, 2006

tranquil timeline

have you ever thought of your life in relation to milestones? i find myself referring to many things these days by the date ("oh, that was so '04," etc.), so i have begin carving out a timeline in my mind. i thought it may be a fun to share with fellow readers to gain insight into the tranquil space story, along with encouragement for you to also explore the highlights that have defined you or made you proud. happy timelining!

- june 30, 1973 born in lawton, oklahoma. yep, die hard midwestern cancerian.
- 1981 began journal writing and opened first savings account for my $2/week allowance.
- may 1991 high school graduation.
- may 1995 college graduation and got mary engelbriet sunflower tattoo.
- july - september 1995 backpacked around europe on money earned while working in college.
- october 1995-august 1996 live in summit county, colorado skiing, snowboarding, selling clothes at DKNY, and working for keystone resort. take first yoga class.
- july 1996 bought my jeep.
- september 1996 drive to dc with everything i own in my jeep.
- september 1996 start georgetown paralegal program, work as receptionist and get my first e-mail address (the rest is history).
- september 1997 finish georgetown paralegal program.
- september - november 1997 drive to alaska and down west coast camping, and enjoying nature.
- december 1997 - august 1999 work at intellectual property law firm as trademark paralegal.
- june 1999 take first yoga teacher training.
- september 1999 - july 2000 work at georgetown university and help run the paralegal program.
- august 1999 begin teaching yoga at a gold's gym on capitol hill.
- october 1999 open up living room to strangers and begin offering yoga classes.
- january 2000 got nose pierced.
- july 2000 take a 2-week teacher training in california and decide to take the plunge into self-employment. double life became too hard.
- summer 2000 took up and running course at women's business center, nia and pilates teacher training. offered first wild woman workshop.
- fall 2000 - may 2003 rent beautiful parlor space at church on 16th street.
- january 2001 began offering creativity circles.
- fall 2001 began master's program at GWU in women's studies.
- december 2001 took teacher training with cyndi lee.
- february 2002 led first international yoga retreat to costa rica.
- march 2002 offer first teacher training and bring on board such original talent as lisa, peg, siobhan, danielle, and carol. studio grows by leaps and bounds by word of mouth.
- july 2002 took teacher training with shiva rea.
- november 2002 secure new space on P street.
- december 2002 released first yoga cd--an intermediate practice.
- june 2003 after numerous red tape delays we moved into our new home on P street. turned 30 and took myself to ibiza, spain for my first real vacation in years.
- july 2003 took 2nd teacher training with shiva rea.
- september 2003 took teacher training with baron baptiste.
- october 2003 solidified book idea. began buying tons of books on writing a proposal and getting published.
- december 2003 released 2nd yoga cd--vinyasa yoga for the newbie yogi.
- january 2004 began dating beau.
- spring 2004 began designing own tops and additional pants. tranquiliT bloosomed.
- june 2004 featured lady on ladies who launch.
- august 2004 finished master's program and buy my first home (600 sq. feet of raspberry and leopard print embellished pure bliss).
- october 2004 got book agent and began blog.
- december 2004 tranquiliT featured in shape magazine and get little louis the pug for christmas from my beau.
- may 2005 hip tranquil chick article featured in fit yoga magazine, tranquiliT featured in washingtonian magazine, and show tranquiliT at first yoga conference in midwest.
- june 2005 spoke at women's business conference on leaving a legacy and started hip hop classes.
- september 2005 began hip tranquil chick podcast.
- september - december 2005 returned to ballet classes after an 18-year hiatus.
- october 2005 signed on with publisher inner ocean.
- november 2005 story featured in book starting from scratch.
- january 2006 took first knitting class.
- march 2006 tranquiliT featured in daily candy and interviewed on martha stewart living radio.

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