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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

comment from fellow hip tranquil chick

Hi Kimberly,
I was trying to post a comment on your blog and the website wasn't
cooperating. I gave up and decided to pass it along to you and if you
want to put any part of it up you can. I hope everything is well with
you and your book writing is going well. I pasted what I tried to
post below. Namaste, Katie

I arrived early to my yoga class the other day and picked up a free
copy of a magazine called FitYoga. The free advertising worked, and I
wanted to share how wonderful it is. Almost every page was perfect
for a hip tranquil chicks who love yoga. Highlights include an
interview with John Friend (Anusara yoga founder), Decorating tips &
fun products, Articles on the meaning of OM, twists, conscious eating,
ayurveda, meditation, sports & yoga, yoga spas, spring cleaning,
anxiety, and even a "yogascope". The website is if anyone
is interested. Namaste, Katie

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1 comment:

kimberly wilson said...

thanks katie! sorry you had trouble with posting so i added it for you.

yes, fit yoga is a FAB magazine. i went through a teacher training with the editor, rita, two years ago and she's done a great job with this publication. may 2005 they published a feature article on how to be a hip tranquil chick, and i'll have another article in the fall 2006 issue. thanks for passing along this great resource to fellow hip tranquil chicks. xo