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Thursday, December 29, 2005

hip tranquil chick manifesto

a hip tranquil chick is that girl we aspire to be. she juggles a busy life with grace, makes time for thoughtful gestures, gives of her resources, always has her best face forward, fills her body with nutritious treats, lives her practice, and lights up a room with her presence. yep, an ideal girl for sure. i, however, love filling my body with chocolate and red vines. that's why i'm a work in progress!

the hip tranquil chick is who i aspire to be. she embodies traits i admire in others, and has all of these great attributes rolled into one well-balanced, chic and conscious chick!

here is the hip tranquil chick manifesto that may serve as a guidepost along the way to "hip tranquil chickness."

i, ___(you!)_____ , will:

create a value-led vision for my life
unleash my inner artist through constant creativity
practice breathing through challenges
consciously carve my career path
host savvy soirees to expand my community
handle my money mindfully and practice conscious consumption
design an oasis to nurture my soul at home and at work
think globally through socially conscious actions
exude my signature style with a dash of flair
embody zest for life
think outside the box and seek possibility
remain grounded
challenge myself daily
seek opportunity and express gratitude
serve as an inspiration others
move my body and nurture my relationships daily
practice yoga on and off the mat constantly
surround myself with candles, flowers, and positive pals
nourish my body with oodles of water, fresh fruit, and whole grains
carry flavored lip gloss, powder sheets, and rosewater facial spritzer
schedule herbal tea sipping, bath tub soaking, and journal writing
find inspiration in the mundane

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