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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

expressions of gratitude

as i finish up my last few thank you notes i hope others are doing the same. as a little girl, i was encouraged to write my gratitude the day of christmas to ensure that too much time didn't pass. gratefully this etiquette is still ingrained in me three decades later.

while passing a newstand on my way home from the studio tonight, i saw the cover of a paper (usa today, i believe) with a headline on the topic of thank you notes. it seems as if this small token of gratitude has become a thing of the past. in this fabulous age of technology, a handwritten note is as treasured (and rare) as striking gold.

over the past few years, i got into the habit of sending thank yous via e-mail. this year, i made sure they were handwritten. yes it takes more time, yes a thank you was said upon receipt, yes most people don't bother anymore, but don't you think a few minutes of your time to brighten someone's day is worth it? handwritten, sung, e-mailed, text messaged, collaged, telegraphed--whatever works for you--just acknowledge the effort that your special someone made to make you feel celebrated this holiday season and beyond.

hip tranquil chicks are busy girls, but never too busy for thoughtful gestures and everyday etiquette that ensure a life lived in grace, consciousness, and beauty. so break out your fave pen, gather together some sparkly notecards, and let your gratitude be heard during the holidays and festivities to come! honor the gift, and why not also acknowledge their role in your life? we all love to feel appreciated and acknowledged. begin today with yourself and those who have touched your life this holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! I thought i was the only one still writing out thank-you cards! My mother-in-law even wrote me BACK from a thank-you, thanking me for being so gracious to have written out one.

Hope you had a fabulous holiday - I just downloaded the new podcasts and look forward to listening to them while driving to the in-laws today :)