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Friday, August 26, 2005

fall tranquiliT designs en route

i spent almost 5 hours today posing for the camera and trying to capture the essence of my fall line. do you ever have those days when crawling out of bed is a small feat, much less trying to look engaged for 5 hours? it's been a looonnnnggg week - seemed to be a consensus from students in class tonight too! anyway, i'm very excited to share some designs that i've been working on the past few months, along with this great new print - a chocolate and pink pucci print and more items in velvet - capri pants, capelet, and shrug!

this line has become such a fun creative outlet and it is exciting to see yoginis from around the country rave about their tranquiliT pieces. a friend passed along an article from last week's wall street journal which claimed that yoga apparel is moving to the street. amazing, that's the WHOLE reason i started tranquiliT - i wanted a true lifesytyle outfit that didn't look like i was heading to aerobics and also offered me style for post-practice activities. another funny aspect mentioned in the article is that there are people who wear yoga clothes but don't practice and are called posers. cute huh, posers - get it yoga poses, posers. ;)

look for fun, new photos and designs coming soon - a camisole with a long body and side slits with a build-in bra, gaucho pants (this season's must-have and SOOO comfy), a pucci print cross front tunic (perfect "en route to yoga cover up" and dress with your fave fall boots), and the perfect acceessory- a scarf in pucci or black to wear in your hair, around your waist or around your neck. the great thing about the line is the ability to mix and match the whole line to create a comfy, yet chic outfit with your fave pieces - jeans, floppy brim hat, chunky beaded black necklace, and sequined anything.

as someone passionate about fashion, passionate about yoga, passionate about life (even though i was a bit tired today), and passionate about creation, i see creating a comfy and chic lifestyle as a must-have for this fall.

"fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
~ coco chanel

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