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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

a celebration of business

“10 principles of enlightened business: enhance the well-being of others, respect your financial commitments, act with absolute equanimity, convey true impressions, bring people together, speak professionally and respectfully, speak about meaningful things, find happiness in what you have, celebrate others' achievements, see the hidden potential of all things.”
~ geshe michael roach, author of the diamond cutter

when my managing director, gina davis, called exclaiming that we’d received a letter from the washington post announcing that tranquil space had been voted best yoga studio, i was elated. this was the first year that this category was listed, and i was delighted to see yoga recognized as such an important part of dc’s community. the letter stated that this award placed tranquil space within the top 50 businesses in dc, truly an honor for a business that began in a living room less than six years ago. i can’t emphasize enough how lucky i feel to be surrounded by such an amazing community of students, teachers, managers, consultants – all the special members of the tranquiliTeam.

we strive to make every detail enhance this experience - sounds, smells, touches, colors, comfort, encouragement, challenge, and creativity. each of you have contributed exponentially to this experience - from attending classes in my living room to a church parlor to p street, teaching students, picking up the supplies and treats, assisting in classes, supporting our workshops, mingling off the mat at our community events, keeping the studio in order, expanding ts to bethesda and penn quarter, offering top-notch tranquilit treatments to our students, creating specialty programs such as newbie, pre- and post-natal, helping spread the word about tranquil space, merchandising to help keep the sign-in area fresh, and sitting on the visionary team or advisory board. i could go on and on! the students and team attracted to tranquil space are truly unique and gifted.

considering my degrees are in psychology and women’s studies, the operating of a business has been a “learn as you go” experience. i’ve realized that it truly is about initiative, and a strong desire to build something that serves a community outside of myself. that’s what had me passionate about working 17-hour days designing teacher training, updating the website, developing the creativity circle, conceptualizing the tranquiliT line, researching retreat ideas, writing the newsletters, and all the details that go into the creation of a business at the beginning. now i find a 14-hour day to be a bit too long, and am constantly working to squeeze in that self-care time that i so believe in. a pedicure, yoga practice, massage, reading time, and a good nap sure go a long way.

among 15 other books by my bedside, i’m reading this great one called the diamond cutter: the buddha on managing your business and your life about a buddhist monk who built a large diamond operation from nothing using ancient wisdom of Buddhism. he shares that westerners sometimes equate being in business with being out of sync with trying to lead a spiritual life. i recall walking into an independent bookstore out west earlier this year, and asking where their business section was (my fave section after self-help!). the front desk person grimaced as he replied that they didn’t carry those books. he must have forgotten that he was working in a business that was bringing a great service to his community, and that also assisted with his ability to sustain his way of life. the author goes on to share how a person with greater resources can do much more good in the world than one without, and that doing business is about creating meaning. he also wrote that the goal of business, and of ancient tibetan wisdom, is to enrich ourselves and to achieve prosperity inside and out. one of my favorite points that the author makes is that it is important to never lose a generous outlook or to lose creativity surrounding challenges, reiterating the notion that we create what we focus on.

as I continue to strive to create a sustainable business that is enlightened, I want to thank you for supporting tranquil space along the way. some of you have grown with us since my living room and it has been a true treat to have you along for this journey. thank you for assisting with its growth into a true lifestyle-focused studio where we seek to enhance washingtonians’ way of life. i hope that tranquil space continues to help you sprinkle touches of tranquility into your everyday urban life. join us for a charity community event, a yoga class, a specialty workshop, a massage, or a browse in the tranquiliT boutique - your tranquil space awaits you.

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