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Saturday, July 09, 2005

leaving a legacy

i recently spoke on a panel at the national women's business conference in dc on ways to leave a legacy. through the creation of tranquil space, i hope to leave the world a better place. that has always been a large value of mine with the studio and to share the ways that i strive to do this meant a lot. i decided that sharing it with blog readers would be another way to get the message out and encourage entrepreneurs, students, teachers, professionals, and worker bees (which is truly what we all are, huh?) to leave a legacy through your daily efforts.

the 3 keys for leaving a legacy are:

1. involvement of your community (family, clients, staff) with special events and recognition
2. find work that feeds a passion and that you can expand on because your passion will continue to grow and evolve
3. share your success with other through mentoring, consulting, volunteering, donating to charities close to your heart

in summary:
- start small
- dream big
- work ON your business rather than always IN your business (same with life!) i.e., self-reflection, evaluation, revisiting goals, etc.
- take care of yourself
- build community
- leave a legacy

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