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Sunday, July 03, 2005

birthday/mid-year self-reflection

as my birthday weekend comes to a close, i wanted to share a fabulous request that i received from my amazingly talented illustrator, morgan. i know her only professionally and was touched to receive such a thought-provoking personal e-mail. here is a portion of it cut and pasted:

"Your birthday is your personal New Year's, and a chance to create for
ourselves a starting point and period of reflection for the year past.
So... Here's your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

1. Make a list of your accomplishments since your last birthday
2. Make a list of your goals for this year.
3. Write these lists in your journal, and save it someplace safe that you'll
refer to it again.
4. (optional) Share this information with others."

as i prepare to venture out into montreal shortly to hear some jazz (it's jazz festival time here!), take sir louis to run with french-barking canines in the park, and stroll along the streets filled with cafes and fun boutiques, i wanted to share this request with each of you. it doesn't need to be a birthday to stop for a moment, find a cozy corner, pull out your journal with pen in hand, and reflect on what the first part of 2005 has meant to you. we're half way there, half way through a year filled with many dreams. how have yours unfolded? what can you do during the second half of 2005 to either get back on the horse or change course altogether?

i plan to use my 12-hour drive back to dc tomorrow to reflect on these great questions above. i encourage you to use this holiday weekend to carve out some personal time. tomorrow is a day focused on freedom in the usa, why not focus on personal freedom through some self-reflection?

here's to the rest of 2005 filled with challenges, joy, growth, and continued evolution. thank you, morgan, for sending such a thought-provoking birthday wish.

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