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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

signature style for the girl on the go

Signature Style: Take Your Yoga Wear to On the Town Flair

The Hip Tranquil Chick gets bored with the typical black leggings and yoga tee. Her spirit stands out from the crowd, and she enjoys expressing her creativity through her style. Coupled with charming accessories, she is able to throw a wrap top over the same cami and black pants she practiced in for a post-practice evening out and about.

The Hip Tranquil Chick knows the following staples are a must in the chic yoga-lover’s closet:

• Multiple black yoga practice pants in assorted fabrics (terry, cotton, velvet, blends) and lengths (capri, floor-length, ankle-length)
• Fun, fitted tops in assorted colors and fabrics that stretch and allow ample mobility during practice
• Cover-ups such as wrap tops and tunics to keep even the most modest yogini comfortable en route to class
• A slip dress that can be worn over yoga pants or alone
illustration by morgan l. johnson

• Slip-on ballet slippers which are perfect for wearing to the studio and then to the cafĂ©
• A functional and fun bag, large enough to hold all her pre- and post-practice yoga goodies such as small items of luxury: body wipes (to clean up before heading out and about post-practice), rosewater facial hydrating mist (rosewater mixed with h2o in a spritzer), rosebud salve (glosses lips, controls hair frizzies, and soothes dry skin all in one little tin), and white musk perfume oil (from the body shop) to dab behind the ears.

*Collect images that appeal to you from various magazines and put together a style collage. Bold colors and styles or more subdued? Jackie O. or Betsy Johnson?
*Invest in inexpensive accessories that help even the most basic black capri pants and white tee transition into comfy daily wear with long skinny scarves, hats, brooches or ponchos.
*Clean out your closet seasonally. If you have clothing, shoes or accessories that you aren’t wearing, donate them to a local women’s shelter or host a girl’s night clothing swap. This is a fun way to build community among girlfriends and give to those in need.

Author note: As someone who lives in yoga wear, I have searched high and low for activewear that I can really live in - work comfortably on the computer for hours, run errands, hit the cafe, take yoga, and hold meetings - all in one outfit! That's how I've come up with the above info as it has made such a difference in me feeling comfy AND put together. I hope this helps other active fashionistas find ways to balance comfort with style. For a peek at my latest designs for the tranquiliT collection (luxe lifestyle yoga wear), visit

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