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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

luxe lifestyle manifesto

illustration by morgan l. johnson

live fully
seek serenity
laugh often
tread mindfully
savor simplicity
love passionately
think globally
exude creativity
treasure tranquility

living a luxe life is about relishing consciously in daily luxuries.

think cashmere meets your favorite yoga pose, think you get a promotion and your grandmother says she's proud of you, think fresh raspberries on warm homemade granola cereal, think marshmallows and whipped creme on your hot chocolate, think art supplies meets creativity on a free sunday afternoon, think reminiscing with your best childhood girlfriend, think fresh flowers from a fresh beau, think blooming cherry blossoms, think kitty purr and loyal canine companion, think good book meets blazing fire on comfy couch, think living your life out loud!

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