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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

wednesday well-being: simplify

The holiday weekend went super duper fast, no? I hauled the above stack of books, nearly 20 magazines, and big dreams out to Le Beau's cabin last weekend. After hours fireside, lots of documentary watching (LOVED Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2), plus lots of online work, the days passed quickly.

Thus, unfortunately, I hauled the same amount home barely touched, except for the first part of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. When I shared this book on our Facebook page, I was overwhelmed with the responses on how truly life changing this book has been. Now, I really can't wait to dive into it!

Over the weekend I did carve out the days I plan to do massive overhaul at the Pink Palace with a goal of donating and shedding 25% of my stuff (watch for videos and photos of the process coming during the holidays).

Although I don't have much in my 600-square-foot home shared with a human boy and three furry boys, there's still plenty I don't need and I want to shed. Especially after all the minimalism TED Talks we devoured.

Thoreau famously said, "Life is frittered away by details, simplify, simplify, simplify." I agree, and I also love the sweet details of daily life. It's all about balance.

As we tie a bow around 2014 and all this year has brought, it's also exciting to look ahead to what we want in 2015. I'm exploring more and more ways to simplify, shed, open, and tidy. Et toi?

Wishing you a Wednesday filled with well-being and tinsel-covered joy. Bisous. x

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goodmoodyogagirl said...

Cannot wait to see what & how you simplify. I am seeing a trend on the worldwide webby about simplifying this month & it is such a good idea. Thanks!!

Melanie said...

Oh Kimberly - wait until you read the section on clearing out your books - it's radical. I have to admit, I'm not quite ready for her call to action, but I like her approach. Instead of thinking about what you want to get rid of, you look at what you want to keep because it brings a spark of joy. Love the idea that everything in our homes sparks joy - think of all the positive energy that creates!

Rebecca said...

Mmm I so agree about how powerfully our spaces reflect our lives. Even the simple act of clearing my desk and neatly writing out my to-do lists shifts my energy and how productive I feel. Bravo for all the clearing--I may need to go out and grab a copy of the book!xx