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Monday, November 17, 2014

mindful monday

You have to manage your inner game (self-inquiry) to manage your outer game (leading others). Circumstances are neutral. Choice is learned through practice. Expectations are planned resentments. Don't act when triggered. Conditioning controls our perception. Our brain is set up to act like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive experiences. Welcome experiencing difficulty, it allows us to practice more. The stressor doesn't cause stress, it's how we relate to it that causes stress. Switch from fight, flight, freeze to attend and befriend. A gesture of kindness changes our biochemistry. Ask, "what's between me and being really present?" Redirection and beginning again is the practice. When you bring awareness to sensation in your body, you are coming to the present moment.

This past weekend I had the privilege of basking in three days of the Mindful Leadership Summit. Although I found myself reaching a saturation point by mid-day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the wisdom shared by each teacher has left me incredibly full. Above showcases a snippet of the many gems I penned based on the various teachings. 

One highlight of the weekend was connecting with Tranquil Space friends and colleagues who were also attending. Note closed eyes due to bliss overload. 

Another highlight was approving the Anthology for printing before dashing out Saturday morning to hear Tara Brach's opening keynote. This time next week, we'll be shipping them off to you!

As I settle in for this week's adventures, I'm determined to keep these nuggets in mind. While listening to the rain pour outside my window and Le Pug snore on my lap, I'm brought back to the present moment. Again. And again.

Wishing you a week infused with the ability to begin again. Over and over. That's where the practice gets juicy and that's what life's about. This very moment. Bisous. x

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My Cottage Diary said...

You've shared some great stuff here, Kimberly! I like the velcro & teflon reference, and it sure seems to be the case in my life. Staying positive does take lots of practice. Blessings, Bess

kimberly wilson said...

bess, delighted to hear this was helpful. truly juicy material in mindfulness. x