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Thursday, July 17, 2014

tranquilosophy: intention

last wednesday night i joined a friend for an evening of meditation with tara brach and the focus was intention. a favorite topic. setting an intention is encouraged at the start of each tranquil space yoga class and creates a space for clarity.

tara mentioned the mary oliver poem, "what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life." this always gets me. and i ask myself this regularly. so juicy.

here are my notes {and snippets of my friend's notes}:

- we energetically share our intentions
- liberating intention: 1. manifesting innate potential, unfolding what is inherent to your nature. be who you are. live truth. 2. embodied and sincere 3. always relates to this moment
- intention is everything
- "before committing to anything that might add stress to your life, listen to hear your intention.  only commit if it's a 100% resounding yes through your body" - oprah
- intention is like a flower blooming, asking the inquiry alone will help toward the blooming
- check in with your intention regularly, all the time, with everyone and every interaction
- it's okay to not know your deepest intention ... just asking helps
- when there is conflict, ask yourself of your intention
- where our attention goes, energy flows. ask self, "what matters most?

i found this talk to be a good reminder. intentions are powerful. one huffington post article encourages a morning intention, even claiming it will change your life. i'm open to a life change, et toi? clarify and embody intentions. bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Tara's words, whatever she's talking about, are divine and deep.
I can't help but think of another of our incredible teachers walking this planet today, Wayne Dyer, who speaks to intention in his book The Power of Intention. First pub. in 2004, it is still his best selling book. he says the same things Tara said and more since it's an entire book.

kimberly wilson said...

agree, kimberly, tara is divine and deep. haven't read much of wayne dyer but will add him to my to-read list. thanks for sharing! x

Unknown said...

Would love to see this in your anthology!