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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wednesday well-being: paris

 pamplemousse rose + pistachio
 writing space overlooking jardin de matignon
 sparkly eiffel tower
 love the fleur stands
 parisian street
airport drop off committee

bonjour from paris where well-being feels like a way of life.

scents of honeysuckle permeate my morning walk to the american university in paris for daily writing classes. i'm back for the same 5-day course i took last year and feeling grateful for the opportunity to focus on writing. and well-being.

as i lugged my suitcase up the fourth-floor walk-up upon arrival, i savored the old musty smell of the spiral staircase. as i fell asleep the first night, i swear there was still a smile on my face. and it was still there when my eyes opened the next morning. there is always a sense of delight when i return to the city of light. as if i'm rediscovering this gem for the first time.

while i've been dealing with jet lag the past few days and missing my boys back home, i'm full of gratitude for this opportunity. writing is a lonely, arduous process and it's a gift to be able to focus on the art and practice of it in such a sensory-filled city.

one well-being tip that i want to reinforce is the importance of taking time to focus on your art, whatever it is. painting, cooking, parenting, teaching, gardening, writing. what lights you up from the inside? what could grow with a little more attention?

next monday (mon anniversaire!) we're half-way through the year. contemplate how you want the rest of the year to feel and flow. carve out the space for your art over the next week and watch your inner child come out to play. it's profound what can be tapped into when given the spotlight it deserves. bisous. x

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